Atlantis Technologies Completes $2 Million Series-A Funding Round

Atlantis Technologies Completes $2 Million Series-A Funding Round with Evapco, Inc. and CentreGold Capital

Strategic investment extends reach of the innovative Atlantis RDI™ capacitive deionization technology for desalination of wastewater worldwide

DANA POINT, Ca., June 6, 2018- Atlantis Technologies announced today that they have secured a $2 million Series-A investment from Evapco, Inc. and CentreGold Capital along with global licensing and distribution agreements.  The funds will be used to scale up the team, increase production capability, develop next generation systems, and expand global sales and service.

Evapco, a global manufacturer of heat transfer equipment, will have a full technology license and global exclusive distribution rights to the Atlantis Technologies desalination system for commercial HVAC and process cooling applications. Evapco President and CEO William Bartley has been elected to the Atlantis board of directors.

Emerging San Francisco-based investment firm CentreGold Capital will have distribution rights for the technology in China excluding HVAC applications through their Chinese parent company, Nanfang Zhongjin Environment Co., Ltd. 

The technical expertise, market focus, and financial depth of our new strategic partners will enable Atlantis to greatly expand its global reach. I am thrilled to add these two fantastic companies to our team,” said Atlantis Technologies CEO, Patrick Curran. “As a technology partner and licensor for industry giant Evapco, Atlantis will be able introduce capacitive deionization (CDI) to the cooling tower market. With the support of CentreGold and Nanfang, we will be able to securely penetrate the Chinese market.”

Evapco is delighted to be able to partner with Atlantis Technologies as a minority owner of their company,” said Bill Bartley, Evapco CEO. “After conducting our own extensive R&D testing of the Atlantis ion removal technology, Evapco is excited and confident that we can bring significant water saving opportunities to the markets we serve. Frankly, the water savings we are able to accomplish for evaporative cooling applications through our licensed technology with Atlantis is mind boggling.”  

Jieyong Shen, Managing Partner at CentreGold Capital, commented on the partnership: “The Atlantis Technologies capacitive deionization technology has demonstrated significant advantages over other desalination options. This low-cost system is easy to maintain and doesn’t require high voltage power, making it a superior option for our market. We’re excited to introduce it widely throughout China.”

The Atlantis Technologies’ desalination system is based on the patented RDI™ supercapacitor platform that can economically desalinate industrial water and wastewater from operations such as from oil, paper, power, mining, and food/beverage.  CDI desalinates by passing a salty water between two oppositely charged supercapacitors. The salt ions are pulled from the water and adsorbed onto the supercapacitor, allowing clean water to exit.

About Atlantis Technologies

Atlantis Technologies addresses the global problem of desalinating industrial water. Winner of multiple innovation awards, their patented RDI™ technology in conjunction with a supply & license agreement from Voltea, Inc. offers lower cost of ownership than state-of-the-art desalination technologies and clean water recovery of up to 95%.


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