Cooling Water Pretreatment
Water pulled from cooling towers to remove mineral build-up is called “blowdown” water. Cooling towers rely on water evaporation to create the cooling effect. As water evaporates, the mineral concentration content (calcium carbonate, magnesium, sodium, salts) of the remaining water increases. These minerals cause scaling on equipment surfaces that can damage the system. The blow-down water can be discharged to wastewater or, in some cases, this water can be reused.
    • High chemical usage to maintain operation of cooling towers
    • Treatment of the cooling tower blowdown
The RDI™ Desalination System offers a cost-effective alternative to conventional technologies for continuously “polishing” the cooling tower water and minimizing chemical usage.
The RDI™ Desalination System can also treat any blowdown and recycle up to 90% of the water back to the cooling tower, reducing water usage and brine disposal costs.

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