Why CapDI™ from Atlantis?


Multiple types of Modules

Atlantis Technologies offers Spiral and Flat modules for both pretreatment for high salinity liquids and polishing for low sailinity liquids. We also offer small and large module systems, ranging from benchtop to large-scale systems (2 - 20 m2 devices).

Extensive Field Experience and References

Atlantis Technologies also exhibits a wide range of field trials from all around the globe.

Low Cost of Ownership

Atlantis Technologies offers 40 – 70% reduction in the cost to treat contaminated water. Lower energy, zero chemicals, lower capital cost, and elimination of operations enable the RDI™ Desalination System to greatly improve client profitability and competitiveness.

Low Maintenance

Reduced maintenance with the Atlantis RDI™ Desalination System has the most significant impact on cost of ownership. This is due to the low operating pressure of the system combined with the long lifetime of the RDI™ supercapacitor.

Modular Design

An RDI™ module consists of one or more RDI™ cylinders, associated valving, DC power supplies, and controls. A system typically contains one or more modules based on purification level and flow rate. Module size will vary depending on the application, but would typically be about 20 cylinders. The footprint of this size system will fit within a 40ft container and enables trailer mounted systems and ease of increasing capacity.

Remove Impurities to 99%

The yield of clean water, or recovery, varies significantly by technology and salinity. The recovery of the RDI™ Desalination System is regularly above 80% and can reach as high as 95%. The typical range for brackish water reverse osmosis (RO) is 60 – 85%, brine concentrator 40%, and the older generation capacitive deionization < 80%.

Clean Water Recovery

Adsorbed ions are discharged into the flow channel and purged from the system with minimal water. With the RDI™ System’s patented design and operation, precipitation of low-solubility salts such as sulfates and hardness do not cause fouling within the device, a significant advantage over reverse osmosis and brine concentrators. This allows the RDI™ Desalination System to replace multiple operations. For example, any application that requires the use of a boiler must treat water for hardness, and dissolved solids. This is often accomplished in 2 separate steps - ion exchange for hardness and RO/BC for TDS. All of these steps can be combined into one RDI™ operation, significantly reducing operating and capital costs.

Reduce salinity up to 100,000 ppm

The RDI™ Desalination System is specifically designed to remove large amounts of ions and isolate the cleaned and brine streams. Atlantis has successfully deionized many types of solutions and concentrations including:
  • 500 ppm hard city water
  • 3,000 ppm phosphate mine wastewater
  • 5,000 ppm flue gas desulfurization blowdown
  • 5,400 ppm calcium sulfate from NF reject of mine wastewater
  • 6,400 ppm oil sands produced water
  • 12,000 ppm produced water from Middle East
  • 39,400 ppm produced water from Texas oil field
  • 90,000 ppm landfill leachate
  • 100,000 ppm Eagle-Ford shale gas produced water
  • 250,000 ppm Baaken produced water

TDS capability range of the RDI™ Desalination System spans 500 ppm to over 100,000 ppm, far outperforming competitive technologies. The RDI™ Desalination System removes any salt without fouling including carbonates, sulfates, nitrates, and heavy metals.

Reduced Brine Solution Disposal Costs

In some cases, the concentrated solution is the desired product. RDI™ Desalination System operating parameters can be adjusted to concentrate the brine to 10 – 20 times greater than the incoming stream. In applications where the customer pays to remove the brine solution, concentrating the solution significantly reduces brine solution disposal costs.