Produced water

Produced Water
Oil & gas produced water is the gift that never stops giving. Wells will continue to produce water along with fossil fuel for the life of the well in ever increasing amounts. Many say that fossil fuels are a byproduct of these “water” wells.
    • Management of this water is an ongoing cost of business for oil & gas well operators. Their only options are to pay for disposal or treat for reuse or discharge. 
    • Disposal costs are rising and regulations continue to tighten, forcing operators to consider treatment.
    • Current options are expensive due to the complex nature of the water, which can contain bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, low solubility salts, high salinity, boron, naturally occurring radioactive materials, and other contaminants.
The RDI™ Desalination System replaces multiple unit operations because of its ability to remove many difficult species, thus reducing the complexity, capex, and opex of a given system.

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